Here’s what people are saying about Lori:

“I reached out to Lori for help healing some unconscious trauma from a botched surgery a few years ago. One thing she suggested was TRE. Everything we did was virtual. Lori was clear, patient and supportive in the set up (she wanted me to use video so she could observe my body positions and TRE process the first time). She sent instructions by email so that I could later use TRE myself if I chose. She followed up several times to see how I was doing and see if I had any questions, and addressed my concerns promptly and fully. Lori, is a wise, intuitive and compassion healer and was a great help to me.”

~ John


“I searched and searched looking for the right massage therapist and none of them fit quite right, but when I found Lori there was no doubt that my search was over. By the second visit I already felt so safe in her space, comfortable in all possible vulnerabilities. I cannot adequately describe in words the positive experience Lori provides… and she is clearly experienced as she is a master of her craft.  I recommend her to my close friends and anyone else for that matter.”
~ Kevin


“Lori is highly skilled at using her hands, communication skills, and knowledge to improve my flexibility and mobility in an incredibly calm and soothing way. I always leave each session with her more refreshed and with a belief I will really be able to improve my body. She always gives me stretches as homework to do on a daily basis in between our sessions which has been very beneficial. My knowledge and ability to really feel what is going on in my body has really improved due to Lori and that has enabled me to make huge progress over the last few months.”
~ Doug Burke


“An expert, gifted masseuse with a creative East-West approach…she is a consummate healing professional. By nature intelligent, attentive, courageous, open and very kind… She takes genuine pleasure in observing my steady progress.”
~ A grateful client


“Whenever I work with Lori, she has a knack of helping me to find into the kernel of what is ailing me. With kind hands and a great gift for witnessing and non-judging, she makes it safe to explore.  I have less pain and am more myself thanks to my work with her.”
~ JA


“Lori’s sessions are about as good as it gets. She has a presence about her. I feel safe and cared about while she is working on me. She is insightful, non-judgmental, intuitive and knowledgeable. She helps me to be present with what is happening in my body. I see her on a near-weekly basis and she always gives client-centered sessions. Her combination of myofascial release and massage helps to balance my body and mind. With Lori’s bodywork I feel more calm in general and patient with others. I have less anxiety. My hips moved into better alignment and I stand up straighter. The range of motion also increased significantly in my neck and body, which were not very flexible before I started. I feel grateful to have Lori as my massage/myofascial release therapist.”
~ Terri Hughitt, CMT


“Lori McGhee provides an extraordinary massage experience.  Her hands work the magic of the sun’s warming rays and her demeanor lifts the spirits. I have been the beneficiary of her skilled hands and therapeutic knowledge.  On one occasion I arrived with a complaint in my shoulder; I just wanted a “spa” massage so I dodged the subject during her initial inquiries.  As she worked, she plugged into my unspoken issue.  I walked away relaxed and delighted that my shoulder pain was gone.  (And she did not rebuke me for my ‘omission.’)  I have come to understand that therapeutic massage under Lori’s hands is not a test of endurance and suffering.  She has the ability to infuse her serene quality into the craft of therapeutic massage and get great results! Her professional manner encouraged me to relax; the whole sense of her space and personality promote calm, professionalism, and knowledge.  She listens carefully, asks for clarification, and checks in whenever she finds something unexpected.  Lori is a thoughtful massage therapist.”
~ Elizabeth Moser, CMT


“Lori genuinely cares about my wellness and takes the time to give the best therapy she can. I will definitely return for future sessions.”
~ Dennis, happy client


“I have no reason to seek another massage therapist. Lori’s expertise is comprehensive; her touch is always present, intuitive, effective and individualized to my needs. She applies her attentive energy in a structured, safe, and always empathetic way.  I never leave a session without feeling balanced and renewed in body and spirit. She is a “find” among bodyworkers. I value and treasure her uncommon level of care.”
~ David Joel, CMT


“As a Bodyworker, I only let skilled therapists work on ME; Lori has Great Hands!”
~ John L., Reston VA